Chris Inder Ceramics

Preserving the Past, Feeding the Future

About Me

I am a ceramic designer-maker working (sometimes frustratingly) with porcelain. I enjoy the challenges and rewards of both the design and the making. Most important, however, is the joy of use and I hope to create pieces that are tactile and beautiful as well as functional.

Through my love of food, growing, preparing cooking and sharing, it was perhaps inevitable that my involvement with ceramics would come to focus on dining and tableware.

During my recently completed BA Hons. in Ceramics & Glass, at Bucks New Uni, I had the opportunity to explore the history of dining, not only of ceramics, but also furniture and flatware, and this has informed both form and pattern in my work.

Having gained an insight into and working knowledge of some of the many processes and techniques associated with, and used in, the production of ceramics, it was important to me to utilise these in my work; particularly as these processes are themselves a reminder of the history and traditions within this craft.

My work considers the ability of objects to symbolise identity, memory and culture. It is concerned with value and consumption and is designed to encourage quiet reflection on the tradition of both ceramics and dining and the value of time spent sharing a meal with family or friends.